How we work


  • We are a small team of decorators who can make a big difference in the look + feel of your space. We do this by optimizing your room layout and picking colours, furniture, finishings, textiles, and accessories to outfit your space!
  • We make design simple, approachable + affordable. We prepare streamlined + efficient design plans that give you all the details you need to execute our design plans on your own. Our comprehensive plans are always personalized and based on your style, budget + project goals.
  • We empower you to be your own project manager (as opposed to providing a more costly + intensive support service). We’re here for a good time, not a long time!
  • We provide helpful visuals that will give you a good sense of what our plans will look like in your space.
  • We provide written + detailed rationales for all our decisions – you’ll have the utmost confidence in the room layout and the selection of the goods to outfit it.
  • We save you money + time with trade discounts on furniture and décor items through our Ordering Service.


  • We can't forecast the building implications + costs (i.e. structural, plumbing, electrical, venting and other) associated with the room layout we prepare for spaces undergoing significant renovations or new construction. Our recommended room layout should always be reviewed with a trusted contractor before you sign any construction contracts or begin purchasing
  • We can’t prepare construction drawings or apply for permits on your behalf (but we know people who can – let us know if you need a trusted contractor!) 


  • We do all of our communicating over email. We are committed to responding to your messages within two business days and kindly ask you to respect that timeframe. Let us know if email isn’t the best way to connect with you.
  • You’ll receive your design plan by email in 2-3 weeks. This time frame allows us adequate care in determining the optimal layout for your space, meeting functional requirements, and selecting the best combo of furniture + accessories!
  • Timelines can be impacted by the scope of your project (e.g. multiple rooms, construction etc.) and we’ll certainly let you know if we think your project warrants a longer timeframe.
  • Puh-lease resist the urge to shop for the room while we are still working on your plan, including during the revision . Seriously, it usually ends up costing you more + impacts our timelines. Let us do what we do best – you’ll love the outcome, we promise!


  • If we are visiting your home to take measurements, we will also take photographs to help us create the right plan for your space. We’ll never share these photos without your consent.
  • If you are taking the measurements for your space, we will rely on the numbers you provide to prepare a to-scale drawing of the room (so like, double check your numbers, m’kay?). We will bill for any revisions that come from improper measurement.
  • We always appreciate your follow up when you’re finished redecorating – we live for beautiful “after” shots! 


  • While we will do our best to select items that suit your style + needs, you’ll always have a chance to make changes to the design. Our DIY Style Guide includes up to 3 substitutions per room, which must be made within 60 days of receiving your design plans. Because you’ve got a detailed rationale, dimensions and details on all the products we’ve suggested, you’ll also have the confidence to make substitutions using what we’ve provided as inspiration.
  • We kindly ask that you consolidate your feedback and requests for substitutions and submit via an online form (we will send it along with your design plan). Trust us – this is the most efficient way for both sides.
  • We do our best to provide a thorough and personalized service and are always looking for ways to improve! If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our service, we’d love to hear it!
  • When you’re finished working with us, we’d love for you to share your experience online through a Google review.


  • We will provide a to-scale drawing of the room layout with your design plan – its purpose is to help you lay out your furniture. The floorplans we prepare are not appropriate for planning construction.
  • Design plans include a shopping list so you’ll be ready to hit the pavement (or web!) to get your items (or check out our Ordering Service for details on how we can save you time + money in doing so!)
    • Please note that product shipping, returns, exchange rates and duties (if applicable) and other policies will vary by vendor.
    • Product prices are current and in stock (or soon to be re-stocked) at the time of sourcing. If you find any recommended product is no longer available within one week of receiving your design plan, we will find a suitable replacement.
    • We provide as much detail as possible in the Shopping Guide, however you may need to refer to the Style Board to cross reference product style, colour or finish. When placing a product order on your own, you may need to select product details from a dropdown menu on the website link provided. 


      • We invoice for our service when we send your completed design plans. You can pay by credit card (note that a 3% surcharge applies) or by email money transfer. Payment is due within 30 days of invoice receipt
      • If you’d like to take advantage of our Ordering Service we will bill you by the quarter hour for this service. Where available, we are happy to evenly split trade discounts on products with you. We will ask for a 90% deposit on goods before ordering, the balance due on delivery.

      Thanks for reading. Please let us know if you have any questions.
      If you’re down with all that, we’d love to work with you!
      Contact us to get started!