Staging Guide

Getting ready to sell your home? Buyers may not be able to see the full potential in its current state. Consider us your staging coaches, bringing step-by-step guidance to highlight the best features of your home and help potential buyers to see themselves in your space. Simply put, our Staging Guide can translate into more money in your pocket!

Here’s how it works:

1. GET IN TOUCH. Send us an email to schedule an in-home consultation.

2. LET’S MEET UP! One or two members of our team will visit your home to get to know your space and snap some photos.

3. PERSONALIZED STAGING PLAN COMES YOUR WAY. We then get to work cooking up your personalized Staging Guide to prepare your home to appeal to a wide range of people and help them see the full value and potential. We’ll work with your existing furnishings + accessories and will only recommend  bringing in new items where we think they will have the most impact on the sale of your home.

Your Staging Guide is created and emailed to you in PDF format.
We work with your listing timelines and typically provide the Guide within 24-48 hours of our visit.

4. LET’S GET THIS PLACE SOLD! Follow your room-by-room Staging Guide to get your house ready for photos, showings and open houses.
Best of luck with the move!